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Bank or Cut?

Playing 9-Ball, you are on the 9-Ball. Do you bank, cut or play safe?

Gobby says: Cut

Why? Cut shots are always easier than bank shots.

note: Gobby is a fictional British character who loves to give free advice. Techie says: Cut

Why? Bank systems are famously inaccurate due to their inability to properly compensate for: steep angles, type and age of felt, humidity, rail height, english, ball cleanliness and shot speed.

Rob Rice says: Play safe. I prefer the cut.

Things to consider:

1) Master banker Eddie 'Knoxville Bear' Taylor , who became famous in the early 40's, did not use any of the flawed banking systems. Instead, he relied on lots of practice and feel. 2) Flawed banking systems aren't completely useless. They can help with success in the early phase of bank skill development and later with multi-rail kicks. 3) If missed, the cut will likely sell out, leaving your opponent an easy shot for the win.

4) The bank shot could be played as a two-way favoring the narrow side of the angle with extra speed.

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