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Rice Engineering Shaft Cleaner and Conditioner (2 oz.)

Rice Engineering Shaft Cleaner and Conditioner (2 oz.)


After working at Boeing for 25 years as an engineer, I have some amazing aerospace technologies to bring to the pool hall. This shaft cleaner is safe for any finish, contains no alcohol, oils, bleach, ammonia, or any harsh chemicals. It contains emollients engineered to remove all types of organic and inorganic particulate matter (like chalk) and also contains an aerospace quality liquid wax and UV inhibitor, so this one product does it all. It is considered a "waterless" surface cleaner used on the exterior of the aircraft to keep them clean and reduce air friction for better fuel efficiency, but the same technology applies to friction between the shaft and your bridge hand. Simply apply and wipe off with a microfiber towel before it dries. You will not find a better or easier to use shaft cleaner/conditioner. I'm selling it in 2 oz bottles to carry in your cue case. Please provide testimonials for my website! Everyone needs to know about this stuff!!


*Meets or Exceeds Boeing Commercial Aircraft Specification Exterior D6-17487R/Interior D6-7127M 

Biodegradable - Water Based - Acohol & Ammonia Free - Safe for All Finishes

Caution from Manufacturer: May cause slipperiness. Not for use on objects that may be hazardous due to loss of control. 


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