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CFX1 Carbon Fiber Playing Shaft

CFX1 Carbon Fiber Playing Shaft


Building the perfect shaft has become an obsession for us. It is a long story, but after two years of constant prototyping and testing to find the ultimate shaft setup, we have decided it's not possible to have one cue shaft fit all. The most critical factor in any low deflection cue is tip weight in the last 5 inches, and we are able to take it down very low (lowest on the market), which is very exciting and plays exceptional by reducing the wall thickness in that area to .7mm and use a ferrule made of ultra lightweight acrylic. We then fill the shaft with a heavyweight lower expansion 2-part polyurethane foam for a solid feel, and a 2 part epoxy resin to bring the shaft up to the customer's desired weight. We can move heavier epoxy anywhere in the shaft to provide the required balance point or tip feel weight. The joint is normally linen phenolic, but can be just about any material you'd like. You can choose the tips as well. We currently have 11.75, 12.2, 12.4, and 13.0 carbon fiber blanks. Call us and let us help you design the perfect, one-of-a-kind shaft just for you, for less than the competitors mass produced shaft. Call if you have any questions. We love talking tech, deflection, fulcrum points, and lots of other nerdy stuff.

Clear acrylic ferrule color except Blk, Brn, White
  • We stand behind our players

    We do things differently. When you buy a cue or shaft from us you are part of the team. We will quickly repair any issues, rattles, or broken tips or ferrules, or even work with you to get the perfect balance and harmonics you are looking for free of charge. This is the custom cue difference.

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